Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hello, It's me

I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying that or singing other funny songs when they say my name. My person says it has something to do with some singer, but I'm not sure what that is.

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm Adele! 

Yep! That's me and my person right there on the day that my puppy raisers handed over my leash to her. 

A lot of people have been asking and commenting about me, so I figured I might as well introduce myself and let you know what I do!

So, I'm adele. I turned 2 on March 30th, I like long walks outside, cuddling on the couch, and helping my person do things that she has trouble doing. I also like to play with my Kong and run really fast in circles trying to get my person to throw the kong for me! I know over 40 commands that I learned at my puppy college, called CCI. That's short for Canine Companions for Independence. I went to school with a lot of other dogs and we learned how to help people. I can open doors, turn on lights, open the big box where my person keeps all her food, and I can pull off her socks or jackets! I love it when she drops things and I get to pick them up for her, my person always gives me a rub behind the ears for doing that one! 

At night, after our cuddle time, I go to sleep in my kennel. My person said she was worried that I wouldn't like it in there, but my puppy professors told her that I felt safe in my kennel. They were telling the truth! Sometimes, when my person is busy, I'll just go lay in my kennel because I can. 

Some people may think that I'm sad or not a real puppy, but the truth is, I'm happy to help my person and I get play time and cuddle time just like other dogs! I even get to see more people than other dogs do because I get to go places with my person! I may not get treats (not that I even know what those are), but my owner gives me praise and pets when I do a good job, sometimes I'll even get some of my kibble before it's time to eat if I do a really really good job! 

Some people want to pet me or make kissey noises at me when I'm with my person, but I just keep walking. I know that if I go towards them, it won't be helping my person and I need to help her. I fell for it the other day and got a quick correction, It was a nice reminder that I needed to pay attention to my person and not the old man whistling at me. Sometimes little humans come up to me and want to pet me, but my person knows that I'm working, so she will either walk us faster or she might let them shake my paw. It depends on how many people are near us, she says that she feels like she just had a baby human and is afraid of others bothering me. I think she is just protecting me like I protect her. 

Overall, I have a pretty sweet life. I hear we are going back to a human college in a few weeks! I know my person just finished a two week puppy college training where she learned how to work with me, so I wonder what human college we will be going to next! My puppy raiser took me to a school called UNF with her, so I wonder if it'll be like that. Either way, I'll be with my person helping her when she doesn't feel well and that is enough for me! 

My person said that if you had any questions, just to ask! She also said you should check out where I went to puppy college at, CCI! I loved it there and so did she! They have a Facebookinstagram, and website where you can see other puppies just like me! 

Well thanks for letting me bark about myself! If you see me around, just ask my person if you can pet me before coming to say hi, I might be busy helping her out with something but I know my person would love for you to get to see me in action!

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